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Retreat Catering

Retreat Catering

 ~ All styles of delicious whole food, including vegan, vegetarian, Ayurvedic, pescatarian, gluten free, dairy free and paleo! ~

We have catered for many yoga and meditation retreats,  such as Swami Saraswati Yoga , Open Heart Meditation and Rayid Meditation and have noticed how much the choices in food have changed over the years. Usually the teachers, leaders and therapists have a clear idea and direction of what is required and together we work out the menu.


  • Plant rich and nutrient dense natural foods .
  • Quality dairy, eggs and other animal products if desired.
  • Sample menus and the flexibility to alter these according to the needs of each group.
  • An understanding of retreat work and all types of Special Food Requirements and diets.
  • A warm demeanor and co-operative approach.
  • A quote based on whether the group wishes  to have no clean up duties at all or the group participates in some aspects of dining room retreat duties.
  • All food presented beautifully and made with extra LOVE.


Susanna Luebbers catering did such a fantastic job at our meditation retreat, all the various dietary needs (and they were many and varied) were so beautifully and thoughtfully catered for. I highly recommend her services.

Jason Eldridge

Rayid Teacher, Rayid Practitioner, www.rayid.com